Monday, January 12, 2009

Brief return

Hello all you wandering sorts!

I expect most of you found your way here from Bel and Brynn's lovely and interesting blog.
As you can see, mine has suffered the fate of a million other would be bloggers and fallen by the way. No posts for nearly 2 years! How shocking.

I wouldn't recommend reading onwards as it's frightfully trite and quite frankly ancient. if you feel the need for more current shenanigans you can usually find me lingering on the boards of Boing Boing or Festival weather disguised as 'mrsomuch'. If that doesn't satisfy your curiosity then maybe visiting my professional life at my Company website The Better Roofing Company, will help you (I only really put that in as any links from other websites raises the profile on google, shallow and boring but what the hell...).

I trust you are all fairing well and full of optimism and joy for the new year. If not, then maybe after visiting these links you will;

General Fuzz is a downtempo melodic IDM composer and producer who releases all his music free under a creative commons licence. It is beautiful and thoughtful and great for zoning out to. He has lots of good advice and excellent links. check it.

Aaron Huey
is a photographer/adventurer with a wonderful spirit. Beautiful work and an inspiring person.

And to finish, here is a nice picture.

well I like it anyway.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

busy is as busy does

A week of work done and gone, lots of time spent travelling (to see the beautiful blonde one, the one who is reaching double figures in 4 days no less)

A bit of Djing, lots of spending of cash and lots of constructive paperwork nonsense at work. hooray.

I had an amusing session with Jen in manchester, brought on muchly by the mischievous moon, which ended in a normally retarded 7.5 hour train journey home and a loss of lucre. Nicely needed and good to spend time with her as a friend. still hurts and is odd but the distance is growing, which I mourn as is befitting. Ah, it should be autumn for such thoughts and digressions, not the premature burgeoning spring that is lurching half formed from the ground.

Although, having said that, I am filled with a curious wandering vagrant bouncy energy at the moment that will no doubt increase as the sun blesses us more, there is trouble and mischief and amusement on the horizon for sure.

I have found a pretty and cool thing.


'air gets into everything even nothing & get up girl a sun is running the world'

February 1 - April 30, 2007.
Ugo Rondinone.

An installation from the 'art in the plaza' series by Creative Time.

Fabricated in aluminum and coated in white enamel, the sculptures are cast from trees found in the countryside outside Naples, the hometown of the artist’s parents.
Introducing metallic casts of this ancient tree to Lower Manhattan’s modern metropolis, typically defined by manmade structures of glass and concrete, the artist furthers his investigation of themes of time and displacement, and the relationship between natural and artificial environments. The white trees, weighing a ton each, will complement New York City’s winter landscape, establishing a discourse between the history-laden olive trees and their unusual urban context.

This I like. For more go here.

You're welcome.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The dawning of a new era

*brag mode on*

Mr So Much rides forth!!

what a crazy few days!

I am now officially the resident dj at my swanky hotel bar, playing funk and latin beats, breaks and electronica to the discerning celebrity crowds while they enjoy their pricey cocktails innit.

I have been contracted to do 8 nights a month (at £100 per night minimum I is laughins!!) minimum with more when busy. Sooooo I am starting my own company called So Much Productions to act as a stable for other artists/dj's/vj's/techie's etc and will be invoicing the hotel alongside being mr assistant head concierge...long hours but brilliant non the less.

On top of that I got a good lump of commision and have just bought myself my first proffesional set of decks, I pick them up from preston on saturday!!!

you have no idea how exciting that is!!!

So, all is well really in my world, I'm off to see moo and have a blast, buy decks and I've got nearly £1000 a month extra coming in. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

It has been a long time coming and it's all paid off, so thank you all who have helped me get to this space, for you all have I'm sure.

top effort guys!!!

*brag mode off*



Tuesday, January 23, 2007

getting better all the time

well, I am recovered from a mental weekend at last.

Jen finished her exams and came down to celebrate, just in time for Nath's birthday and Nik visiting from Wales en route to Oz. 3 days of carnage ensued with very little sleeping and lots of fun.

Had a wicked time with Jen and everyone and it was sad to see them all go. Nath I'll see regular, Nik I'll see in a month or so, Jen......we shall have to see....

wierd. difficult stuff innit.

I'm feeling loads better about the whole thing, I was worried that by removing myself emotionally from wherever we are at would threaten our friendship (I'd do it any way, lookin out fo number 1!) but we still managed to have a top time. I think she feels I'm dragging it out and romanticising stuff, and she's not very patient about that, but then she never was anyway.

I'm just taking my time,

Thanks for your words Holly, nice to know you stop by here sometimes! funny how things come full circle innit...

The Ducking continues apace, so if you are out and about and you see a little Duck stuck somewhere (think buses and trains and tubes and police stations etc) it was probably me or a mate, they are spreading nationwide at the moment, with some en route to the states, australia and india. Keen eyes people.

I found some wicked new stuff to show you. look at;


love poem (10 minutes after the end of gravity)

Drawing inspiration from Renaissance fresco painting, Adam Cvijanovic’s ‘portable murals’ depict contemporary landscapes with a sense of celestial awe. You can find more of his work here

Under Five Chairs Psychiatrists Wink

Drawing from his background in the design industry, Ryan McGinness’s work resolves the clinical graphic aesthetics of media as vast, contemplative fields of intimate meditation. Under Five Chairs Psychiatrists Wink is set across three panels, each beaconing with a baroque entrancement. More here

Both of these amazing new artists are on show at go and have a look as there is some serious talent out there and it is regularly updated.

Be well, be inspired. be joybe.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trickier than one thought

I can honestly sat that I have never felt this consistently upset/hurt/sad/helpless etc etc ever before. yada yada yada. *rolls eyes*

I just want it to stop now.

It's crazyness.

(edit - Jen, if you read this, it's not something that you can do anything with so pay no attention, I just need to get it out, deal with it, make sense of it)

I am in love.

The person I'm in love with is amazing and we have shared an amazing couple of years. I can recognize the reasons behind what we are doing but I can still find no space in my life that can communicate or make sense of how to do this. I know it is just going to take time, what is troubling me most is the consistency and duration of this feeling. It is literally there when I wake every morning - I open my eyes and after working out who and where I am, I think of her and I am in love, immediately it slaps me round the cerebrum and says NO! that is not right! you are not allowed to be in love with this person! stop it!

That feels like absolute fucking shit.

And I don't know how to stop it. I didn't manufacture any of this, it just happened. How do you consciously stop being in love with someone? And if there is a way, why the fuck would you do that? And baring all that in mind, where the hell does that leave me?

I dunno, I'm not asking anyone to give me any answers as there are none, I've been through terrible and dramatic heartbreak before;-) (not like this tho, it's actually threatened my sanity this time round....I am holding tight and seeing it through, I will not be brought down by this) and I'm sure I'll go through it again.

I don't know. I miss her so much, and I'm still in love, and I've nowhere to go and nowhere to put these feelings and I'm very hurt and sad.

But I'm sitting here on a good day. My life is growing in great directions, I'm doing some good work here. I'm proud of me. I am not letting this takeover my life, it is just a small poorly part that will heal over time. I don't want to give the impression that I'm depressed or going under or just a bit of a dramatic cunt, as I'm not. This experience is completely new to me. No one has ever been given so much of me before (I gave it, nothing was asked for, my bed, I'm a lie-ing in it!), and it's not something I'm going to get back in a hurry so it's freaking me out gently and tearing me in different directions.

I want everything to be ok, I want for us to be the best mates we are. I don't want any of this complicated confusing painful jealous bastard mush to be leaking out and tainting either of our lives and I pray to god it's simpler for her.

This is going to take a long long time, and I think I'm going to have to make some tough calls regarding my own integrity. It is inevitable that we will move at different paces and that's only right. But I am going to have to keep a close watch on what I can and cannot cope with.

if anyone does happen upon a magic cure, you know where I am.

until then...


line up ladeeez

Friday, January 12, 2007


There is a man. He makes the Duck. He sends the Duck. I stick The Duck. Soon I shall spray the Duck.

The Duck is Good.

London Shall know the Duck, soon the whole world will know the Duck. He comes in many guises, yet all shall know him.

in other news;

1 swanky party at an exclusive members club = free champagne thankyou very mush.
1 Hooker request = no no.
some tips divided by no alcohol = healthy foods
lots of ducks divided by time = adventure x happiness
plenty of missing the one who has gone = sad :-(
all of the above divided by each other x me = JOY


Behold, here cometh the Ducks.

Pig ducks!!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Getting the hang

I wrote a grown up letter today to the one who has gone, it wasn't manipulative or sad or anything, just straight down the line communication.

Hurt like a bastard.

But I worked it out, I am very verbose and take alot of interest in the way I say things as well as why. So I felt like I needed to approach the way I am translating my own communication. I need to disseminate it and make it safe. It needs to be affirmative and warm and distancing and honest. And it has to be progressive. So there it is, all packaged in binary sailing through the ether. Safe. Painful. Progress.

So very very sad indeed Mr. Duirwyn.

Today there was an Amy Winehouse. she has a coke problem fo sho!
Work are trying to take back the recent pay rise. I did laugh in their face.
friendships are being compromised on the home front, confrontation approaches.

And yet, despite and because, Today was a good day.


I want that one please. naughty naughty looking lady.